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    Default Everything to do with irregular cycles

    Hi ladies,

    I have been reading loads of post in various threads where people mention their irregular cycles and the outcomes of tests etc, but I couldn't really find a single spot where info was for people (like me) who think they need some tests but are not sure what is wrong and where to start.

    Looking for some histories with:
    -additional symptoms (other than the irregularity)
    -tests undertaken
    -outcomes of tests
    -diagnosis (if any)
    -solutions found for the issue (if any)

    Any info is appreciated, this should allow myself and others to make the most of peoples experiences and feedback.

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    Default Everything to do with irregular cycles

    Hi there, I have irregular cycles and my GP gave me a referral for an internal pelvic ultrasound which reported polycystic ovaries and this was confirmed by an AMH blood test which showed very high egg reserve (indicative of PCOS)

    Other symptoms: weight gain, fatigue
    Treatment: low GI diet and increased exercise and different other stuff over the years (metformin, vitex, clomid, letrozole, naturopath herbs, acupuncture)
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    I'm following for info for me too.

    I used to have 28 day cycles, almost exactly. AF was really light the first day and then 2&3 were heavy and then back to medium to light and lasting max 8 days total.

    These days, my cycles averages 30-36 days but everything has changed!

    Now AF lasts almost 2 weeks! It's heavy non stop, last month I had AF and then stopped and a week later, had it again...

    I am not on any contraceptives so it can't be that messing with me. I've had random spotting every now and then and it's really heavy these days too.

    I am fatigued most days, no energy, very very moody/grumpy.

    I've had the internal pelvic ultrasound already which showed nothing that would cause the extra bleeding and I'm not sure what to do from here.

    The ultrasound tech asked if I had PCOS and I said not that I know of, and she said there was 'excess fluid' on one side which could have come from a burst cyst but it wouldn't have caused the extra period... not sure how that works?? Everything else was clear.

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    I was on the pill from age 15 for heavy, painful periods. I went off the pill at age 23 and took months to get a period and then didn't get another one. I went to the GP and was sent for an ultrasound where I had 10-20 follicles on each ovary suggesting they were polycystic. I was then sent for blood tests (follicle stimulating hormone, luteinising hormone, testosterone, shbg) which confirmed polycystic ovarian syndrome as my testosterone was too high and my LH and FSH were the opposite of what they should have been. This was in 2005 and not much was known back then so I was told to go back on the pill to deal with acne and regulate cycles. I am a 'lean' pcos so weight wasn't an issue so my only symptoms were acne and irregular cycles. Pill (Yasmin suited me best) sorted all my issues back then.
    I stayed on the pill til 2012 when current DH and I wanted to ttc. I went off the pill and took 1 year to get a period then after that months between each one. After 6 months with my pcos history I was sent to a fertility clinic and had AMH test done and and my results were literally off the charts due to pcos (I was 32 at that point). I also had some bloods done and it was determined that I was anovulatory.
    I first started clomid to try make me ovulate which didn't work. I then went onto fsh injections which did make me ovulate but didn't get pregnant even with iui. We then did ivf (I got ohss despite a very controlled cycle) and on our first frozen transfer I got pregnant and now have a 19 month old dd.
    I was breastfeeding for 14 months and didn't get a period til 13 months post partum then didn't get another one after 3 months and then went back on the pill 3 months ago as acne became an issue for me again. I've heard that having a baby can regulate pcos things for some people but didn't for me!
    In short I think ultrasound is first port of call with blood tests to check your hormone balance, I believe prolactin and thyroid hormones can also impact menstrual cycles.
    Sorry for the essay. If I've forgotten anything or you have questions please feel free to ask!!

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    I have always had irregular cycles. The key factor for me seems to be my weight. I have never been "overweight" (going by bmi etc) but if I am towards the upper end of the healthy bmi range, I have 27-34 days cycles. As soon as I get my weight down by 5-6kg to the middle range of the healthy bmi range my cycles become more regular and I fall pregnant lol. I mentioned it to my obstetrician and he said that in some people, it doesn't take much extra weight to create a small degree of pcos. I also found vitex a big help in regulating my cycle but it really helped a lot more when my weight was better. It took me 15 months to conceive my DS and 15 months again with this bub and both times it was when my weight got to 62kg (started off at 67-68) that I got pregnant.


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