Hello all - I accidentally posted this in babies and pregnancy. Sorry for the double up. Still learning how the forum works!

I have just gone through my 1st IVF cycle. On my second blood test they found my progesterone was elevated (was not advised how much) due to my meds (Elonva, puregon 250, orgalutran) and all embryos would be frozen. 8 mature eggs at EC, 5 fertilised (2 natural, 3 ICSI), all made it to day 3. Unfortunately once we hit day 5, none were viable for freezing yet and an ET was advised as the best option, even if it did not result in a BFP. Sadly, we had 1 left which did not make it to day 6, so we have none frozen for future transfers. When I had my ET the nurse said my lining looked good, but I wasn't sure if that meant anything in light of the progesterone levels.

I have my beta next Friday and am remaining cautiously optimistic whilst trying to be realistic about our odds...1st cycle and elevated progesterone.

Has anyone had an ET with elevated progesterone? Any BFPs?