Hi mummabears to be.
I hope your all feeling ok through this first trimester.

I thought id share with you what i have been going through in my pregnancy. I am about 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant

Last week was pretty horrible with the heatwave we had in qld. I didnt feel like eating and trying hard to stay cool and hydrated and looking after my 3 nieces and nephew. To top it off i had a headcold.

Then on friday i discovered a pickish discharge after wiping from a unpleasant bm (sorry for tmi). This freaked me out a little bit because this baby is a rainbow baby for me and my husband. I texted my husband and he called me and he reminded me that the discharge can be common so i said i would monitor it. Well i had this discharge saturday then sunday (this was my worse day. For feeling sick and i was starting to really stress). monday afternoon came and i had more. I decided not to let it go anymore so i decided to go do my first blood test to find out what my hcg levels are like to put my mind at ease hopefully this afternoon.

After i did that i went across the hall to my drs and managed to see her. She checked my cervix and it was sealed (huge relief) but she said the pinkish discharge was caused by the thrush i have (mixed feelings here because im relieved everything is ok but bummed im being treated for thrush). The dr said that thrush is quite common during pregnancy and especially in summer. I didnt think of it because i wasnt itchy.

Gals sorry for the long message with too much information but i wanted bring this unpleasant subject up so you can be aware this could be the cause of pinkish discharge.

Im now calm (good for our baby) and counting down to seeing its heartbeat in about 17 days time 😊. (We are holding off until 8 weeks from conception date as we went too early last time).

Happy pregnancy everyone.