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    Default Yet another toilet training thread

    DS is 2 and a bit. He started showing an interest in toileting - asking questions, occasionally wanting to sit on the toilet. Oh so cutely asking if he could wipe Mummy - no thank you poppet!
    Anyway I think we pushed too hard and he started refusing to go near his potty or the toilet seat we had over one of the toilets.
    Recently he was given a urinal thing that sticks to the shower wall for him to aim at and he's done a wee in there a couple of times.
    Daycare have started offering him to sit on the toilet or stand at it and that's been successful a couple of times.
    As has him asking to wee outside off the side of the patio (into the dirt that will be landscaped in a few months) So we've said "sure, go ahead".
    What we haven't done though, is set a date, taken nappies away and said, use the toilet from now on.
    I'm not sure he's ready yet but I'm wondering if all these options - standing, sitting, urinal, outside will just confuse him.
    We're not particularly structured parents I don't think - other than routines we have to maintain. And I guess we've approached this fairly casually since our first push.
    I guess I'm wondering if toilet training is one of those things where we need to just pick a date when we're at home for a few days and be consistent.
    What do you think?

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    I think EVENTUALLY you might need to but at his age, I would just keep offering the toilet when home and giving lots of praise when he gets it done. Put him in jocks on occasion and see where you end up. I would stop the weeing off the patio but that's just me because I hate people urinating in the yard lol.

    I'm pretty casual too. My DD was well past 3 before getting rid of nappies. It did get to a point where the only reason she was still going in nappies is because we kept putting them on her so we did have a couple of weekends where we just refused to use them and she quickly realised it was knickers all the way.

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    I'm not sure that him going in different places (toilet, outside etc) will be more confusing - I personally think the confusion for some kids lies where they can sometimes wee in their pants and other times they can't - I think you just need to stop nappies (ALL daytime nappies including pull ups) when TT and don't go back and forth. This is where I've seen people have trouble with TT - all of them have gone back and forth between undies/nappies/pull ups etc and it's sometimes just too confusing.

    I've just TT DS and we did set a date and stick to it. In the months leading up to it we would sit him on the toilet before his bath. It took forever to get him to do anything but once he did (and we got excited) it clicked that you wee in the toilet. I would only put him on the toilet for as long as he would tolerate it (sometimes only 10 seconds) so I didn't put him off going there. Then he started weeing every night without trouble. I then asked daycare in the 2 weeks leading up to TT him to sit him on the toilets there to get him used to their toilets as well.

    We TT over the christmas/NY break. DS got a load of colourful/thomas jocks for christmas and on boxing day we said to him "no more nappies in the day - only jocks now when you are awake" By day 3 he had got the hang of it and 1 month on we haven't had any accidents at all in over a week. We've also been able to stop the daytime nap nappy as he isn't wetting himself for his day nap anymore. We are down to 1 overnight nappy a day now which is getting drier and drier as well so I think soon enough he will be out of those too as he prefers to go in the toilet.

    Hope that helps! Good luck with it - no more changing nappies has been bliss!

    ETA - Juts a tip - I also think you need to put jocks on them - otherwise little boys just wee out front and get on with their day lol - with jocks on it runs down their legs and DS was definitely NOT a fan of that sensation!
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    I dont think you need to set a date personally. Unless he is about to start school of course but at 2 go along with his cues.

    My ds was 2.5 when he walked out of his room wearing undies and showed us that he was ready, then he stopped sitting on the toilet at home for me but would at daycare still.
    I still keep him in undies at home and only use the toilet, I dont encourage him to go anywhere as I thought it might make him think he can go anywhere.

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    I don't think you need to pick a date as such. We were lucky ds was ready over Christmas/New Years when we would be home more. For 1-2 weeks we took it really casually, let him have lots of nappy free time and encouraged him to sit on the potty. There were a lot of accidents but we didn't make a big deal out of it and got really excited if he got one in the potty. After all the Christmas events were done we started a bit more seriously with no nappies during the day and training pants at night. After 3 dry nights in a row we knew he was definitely ready but we were lucky in that sense. Ds is completely trained now at home but struggles when we are out. He refuses to go to the toilet or potty when we aren't at home, he'd rather wet himself! I think we are going to need to be stricter with him when we see that he needs to go and insist he sits in the toilet/potty.

    Eta. As the pp said, we learnt early on that putting ds in a nappy at night or training pants during the day would set him back. He wouldn't go to the potty if he could just go wherever he was.
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    This thread is making me question my TT... dd2 is weeing on the toilet, still needs a nsppy at night and refuses to pooh in or on anything apart from a nappy. She is 4 next week.... 😏 I am not pushing it, but my DH thinks its 'about time' she was going on the toilet. I want her to be able to do it in her own time, but with her in an ELC (holding it all day) and school next year, I'm starting to get a bit worried I'm not helping/doing the right thing...

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