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    Definitely don't do it! In fact I didn't even want visitors until about a month after having ds let alone stay over. You don't know what your recovery will be like. While my labour and birth went quite well, I had stitches and lots of bruising to recover from plus breastfeeding was agony for the first couple of weeks. My midwives recommended bedrest for the first couple of weeks at home so I definitely was not up for entertaining or having my baby taken to the other end of the house while he was crying! Also quite often I could only get ds to latch in a really awkward position on the couch. Would you be able to kick your in laws out of the room? Sorry, I don't mean to scare you or be negative but having a newborn is a huge change to adjust too. And I actually had a pretty smooth run with ds imo. This is not something you compromise on.

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    NO NO and NO

    Tell df hell NO

    His parents can wait until your settled at home with your baby.

    There is no way in hell I'd have guest come and stay with me Just after I'd given birth.

    You need to be able to relax and bond with bub in private and not care in the slightest what others are thinking. I think it's very self if your df allows them to stay. He isn't the one carry and birthing your child you are. Your doing all the hard work with more to come.

    When I had my first my sister flew from the other side of the world to be my birthing partner but when I came home with DS1 i didn't want her staying with me as I wanted to bond with him alone and by myself which she respected. She stayed at my folks around the corner and she came up each day for an hr in the Morning and then back at night with dinner for me

    Stand your ground and make sure you have your say and it has to be what you want and not others

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    Hell no.. I wouldn't want distant relatives staying with a newborn. Your house.. Your baby.. Your terms. Get your husband to read this and see how unreasonable he is being and if he doesn't man up and tell them no... Then you tell them now so you don't need to spend all this time worrying during your pregnancy. You should not be stressing like this as it is not good for the baby. With my first.. I wouldn't have wanted guests for at least the first 2 months.

    Good luck


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