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    Quote Originally Posted by M'LadyEm View Post
    I'd rather not say for privacy reasons if that's ok
    Totally understand

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    I totally lied @JR03. I was at work last night and I was reminded of your thread. The CTG monitor leads are actually closer to 3-4m long. My sense of perception is well known to be impaired when I'm tired/on nights (we have a 2.5m photo canvas I ordered after night shift thinking that wasn't THAT long... , FYI Its massive and I'm banned from online shopping after nights lol). This woman wasn't a VBAC but she was on the CTG, they'd dropped the bottom of the bed as low as it could go, had a beanbag ah the bottom and she was labouring like that quite freely. They did have a clip on bubs head for whatever reason (I wasn't actually looking after her) so there was only really the toco monitor on her belly (the one monitoring contractions). This may help you be a bit more mobile in labour.

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    I wasn't told when I should come in but rang once my waters broke and they said I could come in.

    On arrival I had an internal (at my request), monitoring for 15 min, a cannula put in and put in a ward room to labour independently. I got moved to the birth suite and put on monitoring after mec started appearing in my waters, otherwise they would have been happy for me to continue labouring in the ward.

    When bub started getting a high HB and jumping over 180 during contractions the OB was called and he approved pitocin to speed things up or he would come in for another CS (my choice).

    However all through my pre appointments they were very firm that they wouldn't offer pitocin. So don't take everything as set in stone, especially public when you don't know who will be there on the day.


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