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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Miss Sunshine View Post
    You are not alone.
    There is nothing wrong with your baby or you.
    My dd2 is 15 months, I have sleep trained over and over, but we still do not have a baby- well toddler now- that sleeps through.
    I get up 5am for work, dh gets up at 515am.

    My dd1 was somewhat similar now she is a dream. Both my SILs had babies that did not do this magical 11-12 hours straight either until 2ish years.

    They do get better..... I think? I hope?

    I'm usually a big advocate of controlled crying but tbh I don't have a baby that sleeps through so I certainly am not qualified to give out advice.

    When teething/breastfeeding stops, I'm hoping dd2 will get better. It's become my new normal now so I simply just cope, I get in with it and feel surprisingly ok most days. But with lots of caffeine. And early bed. And naps.

    Sorry I will quote you as I agree with you and don't want to type all over again.

    I will add DS was terrible with sleep. It only got better when I stopped trying to push sleeping on his own/self settling all the time and coslept for half or all the night. I got more sleep and so did he.

    He is 4 in March. He sleeps through most of the time unless he needs to go to the toilet. He sleeps in his bed and just crawls in with me in the morning sometimes.

    He did get better after he was 2.5ish.

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    We had similar issues with our eldest son - eventually when he was about 21 months I got a sleep consultant in for four nights as I could barely function and he would only sleep for/with me and not my DH. Now he sleeps through in his cot (except for teething/health issues). It did not involve any kind of controlled crying. It took some weeks of consistently applying what the consultant said but it absolutely worked and now on those occasions when he does wakes he's very quick to resettle too. So if you can, a sleep consultant is very helpful and is more likely to fit around your work than sleep school. Good luck.

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    I feel your pain! I was in exactly the same boat as you but my DS is 9 months. From one month old until 7 months, I co slept with him and b/fed him all night (and for naps too). He got to the point where he was waking hourly and it was killing me. And he would cling to me all day, and would scream if someone else held him.
    I agree with everyone who has suggested sleep school. I got a consultant in first, but swore it wouldn't work because he was so strong willed and had never ever slept in his cot. The first few nights were rough when I first put him in his cot but it got easier. I felt horrible but I stayed strong by reminding myself of two things: 1. He (and I) deserved proper sleep and 2. If I took him out and went back to my old ways it would have all been in vain. I knew what I had to do but having a consultant there just helped to guide me. It took about three weeks before he would just go to sleep happily, no tears. As a result he became less clingy and now is just a much happier baby during the day. You say you've tried everything but I think the key is to do one thing only, and stick to it, or else they become confused and the process is drawn out for so much longer. At night I feed him until he is drowsy and put him in his cot and he still wakes once overnight for a feed but right now I'm ok with that. I hope you find a way, because although I miss sharing a bed with him, I realise now that I was actually doing him a disservice by having him rely so heavily on me to fall asleep. It's a crappy couple of weeks but the benefits for everyone are amazing. Good luck.


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