I'm about 30 weeks pregnant with our first bub and getting our cot sorted. I want to get a mattress that meets Australian Standards (as apparently you can buy some that don't!) and is as safe/firm as possible construction wise for the baby, but also with as little chemicals as I've read bits and pieces about fumes from the mattress not being great - both to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The Tizzy Hall Save Our Sleep Cot Mattress looked perfect, however I then read heaps of reviews regarding her book and website saying she has is not qualified to give the advice she gives so I just wanted to see what other parents thought or have heard, as this could be impacting the quality of the mattress as well? Although hopefully if she states it meets standards on the websites it does...I'm a little unsure of the pillow top though.

This is specifically about the Organic Cot Mattress not the book.

Thank you!