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    Gosh. Mine is 9 months and loves her food, but also drinks more than yours but sleeps about the same.
    My bub was having two short naps of a day. I'll outline her routine.
    6am awake and BF
    7am breakfast which she self feeds. She'll sit there for a hour or so eating away.
    At about 9 she will want a BF then at 10-11 she would have a nap, either herself or BF assisted.
    30-1 hour later she would wake up, want more food, give her snacks and I feed her lunch. (she really eats a big serve, two weekbix for breakfast, half tin baked beans lunch and a small child (4-5year old) serve of dinner)
    At 2pm she would be BF to sleep and go to sleep for about 1 hr. She would then wake up and have more snacks, (of course water is offered continuously throughout the day which she does drink)
    Usually she is fine until 6pm when dinner is really but may get hungry around 5 and have early food.
    She will be BF and put to sleep at about 8:30pm.
    She will wake up once for a night feed any time after 4am until 6 when she will be properly awake. If she wakes up for a night feed we co-sleep.
    I don't bath her everyday and haven't noticed it makes a difference when I have. She loves the jolly jumper but is no more tired if she uses it or not. She sleeps in the car and in the pram sometimes if there is nothing new or stimulating around.
    She does get left to cry in her cot if I can't settle her (there's nothing wrong she's just spoke and tired) but has not ever cried till she slept. She finds tiny little things and entertains herself after an hour or so of crying.
    I hope you find what works for you. 😀

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    Day 1 didn't go so well. Found myself getting frustrated with DD1, so feel like I can't win.

    Definitely found DD2 more willing to eat today & less grizzly so I think the meal times might be better for her.

    She would seek boobies at times but I tried to distract as a test & it worked.

    Noting this for my own record:

    4am wake, BF, commenced co-sleeping
    BF once or twice more
    7.15am wake, BF
    8.15 breakfast
    9 onwards tired signs
    9.30 nap for 5mins - interrupted by visitor
    11.05 asleep for 25mins - woken by sis
    11.45 lunch
    1.30 nap for 1hr & 1/2 - woken by sis
    5.25 nap for 35mins (car ride, couldn't avoid it) - woken on arrival
    6.30 dinner
    8.00 bed


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