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    Thank you @TableDancer - I definitely worry about the possibility that it's just going to happen again regardless. I remember the pressure when I was pushing with DS, and it was absolutely insane. I knew that there was going to be a lot of pressure - pushing baby out and all - but I was really surprised at how much there was. I am surprised that my eyes didn't bug out of my head. Once it went, it all seemed a lot easier.
    Oh the pressure is horrible 😩 Three previous vaginal births and I was still shocked at the amount of pressure with DD3, I was yelling at the midwife that there was a baby in my bum haha!

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    I've had two elective c-sections and both have been wonderful experiences. Like another poster though I found the idea of a c-section less daunting than a vaginal delivery.

    Birth 1 my DS was born at 8.30am and I was up and out of bed showering by 6pm.

    Birth 2 my DS was born at 2pm and I was up and showering unaided by 7pm. DH brought DS1 who is 2.5 in around 5pm to meet his brother. I was very anxious about leaving him when I was in hospital for 5 days as him and I are so close and it's me who puts him to bed every night and sees to most of his needs. DH really stepped up though and the 5 days they had to spend together really helped them develop a lovely bond and I feel they have become closer because of the experience. Little ones are so much more resilient than we give them credit for. After all my worrying DS1 didn't skip a beat and took it all in his stride.

    Although I enjoyed both births I probably enjoyed the second one more as I was less nervous having gone through it all before. The team in the theatre were all wonderful and it all felt so relaxed. The paediatrician took some amazing birth photos for us and DH still got to cut the cord. DS was with me within 5 mins or birth after being checked over and then never left my side. He had his first feed in recovery around 20-30 mins after birth.

    Recovery wise I felt great by day 5 and would take it easy if I felt an ache. Driving on day 7.

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