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    Default Is this normal?

    I feel a bit silly posting this but just don't know if it is normal or not....
    I'm fairly sure I am having a very early miscarriage but won't know for sure at least until tomorrow when I get blood and ultrasound results. I should be 5+3 today but started brown and then red spotting yesterday. I headed to the dr who pretty much said it was a wait and see but if the bleeding got worse head to the hospital. As it got slightly worse last night but still on and off I went to the hospital - they took bloods sent me for an ultrasound today and told me to see my GP tomorrow for results of both to see if hcg is falling or still rising. The ultrasound tech told me today there is no baby in the uterus (hence why I assume it is obviously a miscarriage) he said it could have implanted elsewhere but at this stage can't see any signs of that.

    Anyhow tonight the bleeding has got heavier - it's not horrendous just like a bad period really and period type cramps no massive pain etc. I do feel a bit woozy when standing but no more so than if I did have my period.... does this sound like it's just the normal startings of the miscarriage. Is there anything I need to watch for that would make me think I need to get checked again before I see the Dr tomorrow afternoon? I haven't been through this before and not sure what is normal or not?! 😢

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    So sorry to hear...

    I don't know, but maybe call Health Direct or whatever it is called in your state to get some advice about anything to watch for?

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    Sorry to read of this I found my last m/c I didn't bleed extremely heavy, but that was bc I had no lining and the very probable reason the bubba couldn't hold on. But the other 2 losses I bled quite heavily, so it's pretty normal.

    I would use the usual period rule of thumb. If you are filling a super pad in under an hour it may be time to head to a dr or A&E. If you feel any worse, or start running a temp, same.

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    My last pregnancy resulted in m/c. The bleeding was lighter the first two days then got quite heavy (not as heavy as my periods but they are absurdly heavy) and then relaxed again. It was brown during those first two days and then bright red/Orange for the remainder


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