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    I also think there are valid points to the article as well, but I'm willing to take the risk my kids will lose trust in me over 1 decision that brought them joy each Christmas, over telling them the truth.

    My parents did some things 'wrong' that have scarred me mentally even now as an adult, but lying about Santa wasn't one of them.

    But like you both @Cheeeesecake and @LoveLivesHere, I can absolutely respect your decision, especially knowing how strong your faith's are to yourselves and your family and your reasons are just as valid as mine. I'm so sorry others aren't as accepting in your lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahalfdozen View Post
    I read that article and a lot of it does make sense.
    I still prefer to do the Santa thing though. For us personally I don't think it's lazy or stifling. But I would say it's because from my own personal experience, my parents didn't do the Santa thing, I can't ever remember believing in Santa (my parents weren't adverse to lying to me, my father had me convinced for over a year that I was an alien that they adopted) they just couldn't be bothered with it. No moral objections, it was just too hard for them. And as a kid I was a bit resentful of them for it. I wanted to have something magical to believe in and felt a little robbed.
    We plan on, when our eldest starts questioning it though, explaining that everyone is a Santa. And telling him to buy a gift for somebody that he thinks needs a nice gift and leaving it anonymously for them. So that he can "continue the magic" of Santa. And eventually, I hope that all of my children will selflessly give an anonymous gift each year to someone they pick, just so they too can feel the joy of giving.
    It's funny how so much if it comes down to our own childhood experiences. I was a very smart, switched-on kid, & was a critical, logical thinker from early on. A 4 year-old skeptic 😅. I have always had a very strong bullsh!t radar 😂 and I hate being lied to.So I never truly 'bought' the santa thing, it just always seemed so illogical to me,yet I was constantly fed the santa story, even though I felt like it never added up right... so when i found out the truth at around age 6-7, I felt like I had been so deceived. I felt humiliated that I had been stupid enough to believe what I was told, and I felt like everyone was laughing at me for believing their trick. It was never a magical thing for me. So for me, a big part of it is me trying never to 'lie' to my own children - I want to be honest with them as much as I can. I feel for the boy in the article who adamantly defended santa to his class, because he said 'my mum told me santa is real, and mum wouldnt lie to me'. I find that a bit heartbreaking. Add to it the over consumerism and materialism of xmas... anyway, I said I wasnt going to go into my reasons, and here I am! I dont begrudge others for telling their kids the santa thing, but it isn't my choice with my kids. Xmas is magical in our home - it just doesnt involve the santa story as truth, it involves the santa story as a story.
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    Santa has had the presents stashed in a tool box for our big drive from Cairns to Gold Coast. They are now ready to go in the santa sack. We forget carrots, so the reindeer are getting some lettuce.

    I love the magic of it and can't wait to see DDs reaction.


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