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    Default Life is brutal in here

    So I'm still stuck on a psych ward with no clue how much longer for (definitely not home for Christmas maybe at least some leave for ds's 13th birthday) and while I don't want to say too much given it isn't hard to work out where I am, this place is i humane. The worst of what they've done, there is a patient here in a wheelchair due to some kind of leg I
    injury who speaks zero English. They are unsure what language she speaks to organise a translator supposedly. I have been in trouble twice for pushing her (the rise she is going to fall out of the chair as she is trying to use her uninjured leg to push herself and tipping the wheelchair forward with each push). I've been told to tell her to use her arms to push the wheelchair herself. I feel so mean and helpless

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    It's so demoralising. Dad always said that while he knew he had to stay to get better, the stays were always longer than they had to be, just because of the ward - staff (not all) who are just so used to it that they don't really care, no where to exercise - or in some wards not even able to go outside, drab dingy surroundings, and then some of the patients themselves (he often found their stories heartbreaking).

    I don't know if it would be worth doing, but can you lodge a complaint about the treatment of this lady?

    That poor lady has a right to an interpreter - surely there must be some way to find out! Does she not have an emergency contact they could ask?!


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