Hi ladies,

This is the first month using Clear Blue Advanced Digital Ovulation Kits, using FMU at 6am. I have irregular cycles (a recent one was 44 days), others around 26-28 days. A recent blood test was positive to progesterone on Day 21. Based on my irregular cycles, I started testing on Day 6, getting low fertility.
I'm now on Day 18 and have had 8 days of flashing smilies. I'm also using eBay pink cheapies, twice a day (10am and 2pm), which haven't detected anything either.
We are BD-ing every other day. It's my first cycle since having endo removed and tubes flushed.
My questions are:
- Should I keep going with the Clear Blue, with 8 left in the pack or try something else?
- Should I be testing with Clear Blue at different times of the day, or will the other cheapies suffice?
- Should I keep testing at all?

Any help gratefully received!