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    Default Clomid and clear blue dual ovulation tests

    Hi just a question in regards to the Clearblue digital ovulation test. I'm on my first cycle of 50 milligram clomid, my cycle length is normally about 31 or 32 days on average. I started using the clear blue ovulation test on cycle day 10, did clomid on cd 5-9. I got all low fertility until cd 16 which is when high fertility was being displayed, its now cd 19 and im still getting high fertility, so thats 4 days of high fertility but no peak as yet?! You'd think if i was going to ovulate i would have by now because technically its less than 2 weeks till my period is due? Just confused. ..ill keep on testing but ive just had to go out and buy another 10 pack of the clear blue ovulation tests because my first pack has run out because you have to start testing so damn early and plus with the high fertilitys that I've been getting I've been testing morning and night on those days so it's just used up all my sticks. I'm not being monitored by anyone so I thought it would be good to at least do the ovulation sticks to give myself
    peace of mind that I've actually ovulated. I've read a lot of mixed reviews about using these clear blue sticks but I don't really have any other option but to just wait and see if I get pregnant I suppose it would just be nice to know if it was actually working I suppose but it's just too expensive for me to be monitored by a specialist in the rural area that I live in. So say for example I got my peak fertility symbol tomorrow morning that would be cycle day 20, so technically wouldn't that mean that I'm ovulating too late in my cycle if theres such a thing? I've been having intercourse every second day in my high fertility days so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance xo

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    I got false positives using opks on clomid.


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