I am 32 years old and DH is 31. We have been ttc my #2 and his #1 for 2.5 years, it will be 3 years in May. I have an almost 13 year old daughter from a previous relationship. I have all sorts of issues going on... I was told I have PCOS by an ob/gyn in June 2015 and was told to "lose weight and come back and see me" if I wanted help to conceive. I am currently 138kg after a 45+kg increase in 3.5 years and 6'1" (184-5cm) and BMI is 40.8 currently (Dec 2016) I was referred to and am now under the care of a fantastic Endocrinologist in Brisbane, QLD due to my sugars being high post glucose test and she is AMAZING! She doesn't seem to think I have PCOS as the only real symptom I have is the weight and a slight insulin resistance. My HbA1c levels are only 6% she is happy with that but she has put me on Metformin SR 2g as of last week to see if that will help. I have been tested for all sorts of things from Cushing Syndrome to Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia to which the latter I am awaiting results as we speak.

DH is perfect, well his sperm is anyway haha. and we "gave up" "actively" trying in October this year due to the stress of it all and just a feeling that it just isn't going to happen. I had a positive pregnancy test this past Saturday (11/12/2016) but woke up on Tuesday (13/12) to a LOT of bleeding so that is that. Funny thing was, I wasn't a blubbering mess like I thought I would be. Anyway, I am here to just keep informed haha and I hope that I get a lovely surprise one day soon :-) baby dust to all xxx