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    Default Worried About Male Fertility - Experiences?

    Hi everyone

    Just wondering if anyone else is/has been in the same boat and your thoughts or how you dealt with it?

    Probably a little premature to be worried as we only started TTC this month, so a while yet before we will have any idea if there might be a problem, but I do worry as my DH does not take the best care of his health and I also don't want to get a few months down the track and find out there was an issue there and that we were basically just wasting all that time.

    The main issue is that he smokes. Not chain smoking thankfully, but still a few a day. This is something that has always caused a bit of friction, but now that we are TTC it makes me really anxious.

    Has anybody else had a partner who resisted giving up smoking and it didn't cause any issues?

    I don't want to cause un-needed stress in our relationship at this point, I just have no idea how big a deal this is.
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