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    Default What to expect from first gyno appointment

    Hi ladies
    I just got a txt saying my gyno referrel has been accepted by Osborne Park Hospital. What can I expect from my first appointment?
    A little back ground on me:
    Implanon removed 29th August this year, no AF at all, not even withdrawal bleed.
    Went to GP beginning of November had bloods, reasonably normal except for low progesterone level (0.5), had bloods drawn again end of November even lower progesterone level (less than 0.5), Ultrasound done and possible PCOS but no further testing done. GP referred me to a gyno, was expecting to wait months for gyno referrel to be accepted as it is going through the government system not private. Im excited it happened so quickly but also like to be prepared as to what i can expect.
    Any help/advise would be awesome.
    Thank you ladies

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    They could most likely do bloods/ultrasound/full health history about precious pregnancies. They could even suggest a laporoscopy to see what is going on and to see if you have endo and have a curette to clean you out so to speak. If you'd seen my gyno who is also a fs and ob that is what they would do rather then saying oh you have pcos go on clomid


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