Hi Everyone,
Just wanting anyone whos been in this same boat to tell me how their story ended, Good or bad please.

I did a 5 day FET on 25/11/16

7dp5dt cramping (assumed implantation)

10dp5dt Faint positive

13dp5dt definate positive

14dp5dt Blood test resulted in a weak positive hcg level 91. Same night before bed wiped dark brown than pink mucus.
middle of the night 1 wipe of red.

15dp5dt stringy brown ONLY when i wiped lasting all day. Before bed had some pink.

16dp5dt very minimal stringy brown then it clears up for rest of the day.
come night time its dark pink and red only very light. im wearing a liner now.

17dp5dt (5 weeks) first up its pink then turns brown again and minimal. Follow up blood test a level of only 110 72 hrs since the last and hasnt even doubled.

have to go back tomorrow for another follow up. I have also had noo pain.

please tell me your stories.
Ive already considered this over but just wanted to know how yours ended up weather its Healthy, Miscarriage or ectopic.