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    So true! I hate seeing my kids in pain, and have definitely cried a few times with them when it's been bad. I couldn't inflict it on them knowingly just because they wouldn't remember it when they're older.

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    I find the argument of 'better to get it done when they are too little to remember the pain' a funny one. It's kind of like, if a tree fell in the woods and no-one heard it, did it make a sound. Just because the child is too young to consciously remember the pain, it doesnt mean they werent in pain. It doesnt change the fact that it happened and it hurt - they are just too young to communicate or protest their discomfort.

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    I wouldn't do it. It's strange the things that we'll justify because we're used to them being culturally acceptable. It certainly wouldn't be acceptable to give a baby or a young child any other kind of piercing.

    That said, I think the pain and long-term effects are minimal compared to some other choices that parents make for their children, so it really doesn't bother me.

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    I don't bother about what others do, but I don't like seeing small babies with their ears pierced. Three of my sisters-in-law, all got their baby girls ears pierced before they left the hospital. and one of those got her sons ear (or ears ) pierced when he was about eight or something. I said I would allow my girls to get their ears pierced if they wanted, but not before they turned ten. My hubby said no, not happening while they are living under our roof. I don't know why he was so against it. Anyway, as soon as one girl left home at about 17, she got her ears pierced, and my other daughter got a belly button piercing, and a tongue piercing when she was about 20. They have done what they wanted when they were old enough to make the choice. My daughter with the ears pierced still has those, but the other daughter no longer has any piercings. I think about 10 is old enough to make the decision, but I know there will probably never be a law. You can not get a tattoo under the age of 16?? Marie.

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    I'm not a fan in babies/very young children. I believe that when the children are old enough to understand the process, that there will be pain, and how to care for them, then they are able to make an informed decision about whether or not they want it done. I also think that this will happen at different ages for different kids, so it is hard to put an age limit on it.

    I had mine done at 4 - I'd been asking for 2 years. Mum took me to watch people getting their piercings done, it was explained to me, and I still insisted, so she gave in and said yes. I had second holes done at 11 (again after many years of asking)... and I'd stopped wearing them by 18. That said, mum did her own second piercings at 12, and I think was worried that I'd try to do the same. She didn't need to worry - I wouldn't have even thought about attempting it!


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