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    Default 4 Year Old & Toilet Training Issues


    Help, I'm at a loss. My DS has been 'toilet trained' since 2 1/2 years old. He's never really 'got it' though. Ever. He still wets his pants (not fully wets them but lets out a little enough to wet his undies but not enough to wet his pants/shorts). I've tried reminding him every few hours, I've used charts, I've used little rewards, I've not reminded him & let him figure it out by himself. Nothing works, he's still wetting his pants. It's a battle of wills to get him to go to the toilet & now for him even to go we have races or I have to move his peg down on his behaviour chart. I've had him checked with a paed (for another issue but mentioned the toilet issues & she basically said he's just too busy to go).

    And, now, he's regressed with his number 2's. He's starting preschool (2 days a week) next year & this regression happened after we spent a few hours at the preschool so I'm sure it's related to that. That was two weeks ago and it's getting worse. He told me (through a role play game I had him play) that he's worried he won't have anyone to play with so I've told him a few names of friends that are going & that the teachers will help him etc. DH suggested to stop talking about preschool for a while.

    I guess I just need some reassurance that he'll get it. We try to parent in a way that is gentle (but with boundaries) but should I get tougher (with the wee's, obviously the number 2's is more an anxiety thing for now)? And, if I should get tougher, how?

    I try not to show my frustration but I'm pretty sure he can sense it's annoying me & he's no doubt seen a few eyes roll from me. He's a real confident & smart kid, he's just not getting the toilet training thing .

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    This is normal around school time I'm sure

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