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    Default Please help, think i may be pregnant

    So me and my partner have been trying for a baby have not used contraception for a long while.
    my cycle is 28 days and has been so for 8 years. I have never missed a period by even one day.
    over the past week or so I've been 100% convinced that I am pregnant, extreme moods wings, fatigue, frequent urination, stomach cramping which felt different to normal & bloated stomach. I took 3 pregnancy tests but they were negative, I was still certain I was pregnant from how I was feeling. Also I have read a lot about hcg levels being too low and sometimes can take months to show up on tests. Then I missed my period, which was even more of a red light.
    5 days later and I have started bleeding, which is not spotting but like a pretty light period, however usually I suffer HUGELY with endemi etriosis and extremely painful periods, however it is just mild cramping just in my right hip which is strange and never occurred before.
    when I started bleeding I was very worried as I assumed that I was pregnant from the symptoms so I went to the walk in centre, where I explained and they gave me a blood test and again negative.
    They also tested via blood test for ectopic pregnancy and it came back clear. I know this isn't normal for my body and would like to know if anyone has had a similar thing happen to them as I'm so sure that I'm pregnant and not mad! Thanks

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    If you've tried several home pregnancy tests and had bloods tested, and all show up as negative, then you're really not likely to be pregnant.
    I didn't know you could test for an ectopic pregnancy via blood test alone?
    Anyway, if your symptoms are unusual for you and you're concerned, see your GP.

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    Could it be an ovarian cyst? When I was 25 I had something similar happen. I had been like clockwork, 28 day cycles. Suddenly nothing for 4 months! Did pregnancy tests to rule that out, then finally requested a referral for an ultrasound and discovered a 6cm cyst. Had to have it surgically removed. Anyway, just throwing in a suggestion.


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