I have a ten-year-old DSS we have for shared care, & we are about to move to a more rural, acreage property. We've already made good friends with some of the neighbours & there are a few boys who live in the street who are already coming over to play with DSS when we've been there on weekends.

One of the boys is 13 & often has a couple of friends over & they all come to our place. The boys are vey nice with lovely manners & treat DSS really well even though he's younger.

When we move to the property I would like to create an "open house" type atmosphere for the boys so that they know they can always drop around & feel welcome & can get a feed in my kitchen & feel at home. I think they may be around quite a bit as our property has fabulous trails for motorbikes & a big swimming hole etc.

I don't know a lot about teenage boys, but seeing as we'll have one in a few years & I will have a few hanging around - do any Mums of teenage boys have tips on how I can create a place they feel welcome?