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    It's a complicated issue, and I haven't finalised my thoughts on it.

    I'd just like to say though that @M'LadyEm and @Sally1981 are so right though - decisions to terminate a pregnancy and decisions to have no financial involvement in a child's life are simply not morally equivalent.

    Some of the arguments for 'financial abortions' have the ring of children's cries to fairness - 'she can, why can't I?' - without properly considering why it is that women opinions should, in my view, carry more weight and significance in matters like whether or not to become pregnant, carry and birth a child.

    I don't think there's any likelihood of 'financial abortion' being legislated (and I don't think they're permitted anywhere? Could be wrong though). Firstly, government is not going to volunteer for that financial burden of supporting additional single mother families when there are fathers that can be looked to first to support their offspring. Secondly, as a previous poster said, there's the Convention on the Rights of the Child to consider, which is likely to be inconsistent with allowing for 'financial abortion'.

    Btw, I think the term 'financial abortion' is just awful, and minimises actual terminations of pregnancy.

    ETA: my heart hurts for your pregnancy losses, @Sally1981.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A-Squared View Post
    Would you say the same 'life's not fair statement' to those women in countries where abortion is illegal? Or if it was illegal in Australia?

    I personally think it's too simplistic to write it off with such a simple statement.
    No not at all. "Life's not fair" is a simple statement your'e right and generally not very helpful, but it's something I think and say a lot to make myself feel better about things (life isn't fair so suck it up and move on sort of thing) and it seemed relevant in the situation where women have the final say on whether to terminate a pregnancy or not. In THAT situation, well, life's not fair. A man may desperately want the opposite of what the woman choses, but he doesn't get to make that choice.

    I do not extend my "life's not fair" statement to situation like you have suggested. A woman should always have the final say in what happens with their body.

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