Going to try get my 2yo into the GP on Monday but just wanted to see other people's experiences.

I am wondering about when I should be concerned about auditory processing issues, over sensitive ears, fear of loud noise etc. My son seems to been having a really hard time lately. I went to dinner tonight in a Maccas, which we haven't done since he was a few months old. He just screamed to go outside. He was happy to eat once we got out of there.
He screams when I use any appliances, even ones like the Soda****** machine. The hand dryers in public toilets send him into an absolute fritz. Can't be around barking dogs, lawn mowers etc.

I have limited experience with SPD, but it's with my 4yo who is also autistic.
My 2yo has no red flags for any other conditions. Only the hearing. So I don't know if I'm reading too much into it of what, but I definitely feel it's enough to be checked over.