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    Got a last minute appt with Dr Warren De Ambrosis yesterday and he was so amazing. Spent 105mins with us explaining all our options in detail and what he thought. He was friendly and easy to talk to and I finally feel I understand what is happening with my body. We have decided to use up the drugs I have to try the old fashion way with a few more follicles as he said it was worth a try then we are going for donor eggs. I feel great about the decision because I finally understand why this is my best option.

    Thanks to the girls who suggested him. I left the appt speechless. (In a good way)

    Best of luck to all of you.
    I'm glad he was able to help you, because he wasn't able to help us. We cycled with him ten times and the most eggs we got were 2, which never made it beyond day 3. He told us we had no more good "macadamia" nuts and we should seriously consider donor eggs. DH was not keen on donor eggs. He said we could continue to try, but he recommended a lower cost clinic so we didn't waste our money. We took his advice and we were very shocked with the outcome. We got 5 eggs with 3 that made it to day 5. 1 hatching blast and 2 BB blasts to freeze. The hatching blast is our now 9 month old DS.

    We are going back for an FET when DS turns 1.

    We never got any to day 5 with Dr De Ambrosis and I'm very lucky DH was not keen on donor eggs.. Warren is lovely, but his aggressive protocols didn't work for us at all. We honestly wish we didn't waste our time with him, because it was the low cost clinic that helped us achieve a pregnancy he told us would never happen without donor eggs.

    Good luck, I hope you get your take home baby naturally.

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    If you live in Victoria I would recommend Lynn Burmeister from Monash. I have low AMH (4) and had a high fsh of 18. She has managed to get my FSH down from 18 to 6-9 which is amazing. And for someone with poor AMH I have produced a good number of eggs (between 7-11) ago and the eggs numbers have increased each time, thanks to her tinkering with different protocols. So far each time 1-2 good blasts. I have fallen pregnant twice (one chemical, one waiting to see if it takes). Am about the same age 37. She is upfront in that it can take 5-8 cycles with own eggs and low AMH, but for me I am ok with that. Good luck either way with whichever specialist you go with. xoxox

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    @ronnyj23 tried to send a PM but can't as you haven't listed enough so apologies asking here!!

    I read your post about having success at low cost yay!!

    I've done 9 cycles and am now 42 so egg quality obviously not fab but we started ivf originally as hubby has a vasectomy so it's been a real shock to learn my eggs are the problem.

    We need testixular sperm extraction which some low cost places don't do.

    Which low cost place did you have success?

    I'm lined up with Wazza as they have a donor program and we thought we'd try that to see if makes any differnece but I am freaked out by aggressive protocol too!!



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