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    Default ELC attached to Private/ catholic school

    Hi all,

    DD is turning 3 and has been going to a sessional Montessori school 3 days a week for 2 hours each day . Next year she will attend 5 days a week for 3 hours per session . Although I'm absolutely happy with her Montessori school and I know that a lot of parents are dying to get their children in this school , I'm faced with a dilemma in particularly with the short hours offered . My concerns are :

    1. My daughter is hyperactive and constantly moving about , I would say given a choice she will spend her time outdoors engaging in physical activities. 3 hours of kinder is hardly enough for her , when she comes home im really just trying to keep up with her . That's when the iPad comes in ( too much probably)

    2. She has speech delay and working on her social development in terms of communication etc . ( she is extremely shy and often has a huge meltdown when strangers come up to her , especially male) . I feel like the Montessori methodology encourages the child to learn independently and respectfully without interfering other children's work . This is fantastic , so if i break the work cycle up within that 3 hours that she is there , she's only really getting 1 hour or so outdoor play and interaction with her peers. However I also see the importance of working individually ( dilemma dilemma !!)

    In a way I know I'm getting anxious about DD doing short hours next year without the option of long day care when needed . I honestly get burnt out from time to time and rely on long day care to keep me doing ( currently she goes 2 times a week) . I want her to be able to attend a kinder program that suits her interest and needs but at the same time keeps us both happy if you know what I mean . I'm not happy with the kinder program at her current long day care as I've observed her teachers handling children quite roughly . We looked into a long day care 3-5 yo kinder nearby but my husband wasn't impressed . The only options left for us is ELC attached to a private school ( still can't justify the fee ), or one that is attached to a catholic school which I'm leaning towards . The hours are from 7-6 , which means we can claim CCR , but we are sacrificing the Montessori program that we have waited so long for . I guess I already know which path I'm going to go if I'm being realistic . I really wanted to hear other parents experience with ELCs attached to private or catholic schools . We are in Victoria and looking at Tintern Grammar and Nunawading Catholic .

    Looking forward to hear your experiences and advice !

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    My ds attends an ELC attached to a private school. It's montessori and he loves it. It's a long day care.

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    I have had (and still do have) my children in the ELC at Yarra Valley Grammar (very close to Tintern) and all I can say is that that place is AMAZING. Truly it is such a wonderful school, the kids started in the 3 year old program (you can choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week) and it has been worth every cent. You'll understand why they charge the fees they do when you go there. The effort they put in with the kids is second to none. It's a great community as well, beautiful caring parents. I'm not sure what Tintern is like but I'm sure it's lovely also.
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