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    WE tried a couple of things for my brother but he never really took to anything.
    Then I sewed a piece of soft fabric into his pants pockets and when he got overwhelmed he would put a hand in a pocket (or both if really bad) and it calmed him enough that he would walk away and deal with it.
    That was when he was 3, and he is now 14 and still uses this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    The prices for weighted blankets are crazy, but when I looked at materials I understand why. If your child uses one, do they prefer a small blanket size or the shoulder ones? Especially interested for school aged kids?
    We have two weighted blankets. A full size one for at home when he has his meltdowns. Once he goes past "breaking point" it doesn't work but if I catch him early enough it does. I get him to lay down on the couch, flat, and lay it on top of him.

    He also has a lap sized one at school. It's more for keeping him in his chair, as opposed to meltdowns, because he cannot sit still. (He's currently in preschool and doing school translation twice a week, starting school next year).

    We are also considering one of those big rectangular body stockings as he thrives well on resistive things. He loves crawling through this stretchy tunnel at OT and it calms him a lot but it requires someone to hold the end so we are like o king at the body stocking as he can do that on his own without pulling the teacher away from class.

    Also, looking at a compression shirt to wear under his uniform. He wears one for all of his therapy sessions and there is a slight improvement. Not much but enough to see it.

    Also another one we have been trialling is a stretchy band that goes around the front legs of his chair, for him to bounce his feet off. Because it has resistance, he doesn't need to move his feet as much to get the same feeling. He is bad for swinging his legs around enough that he'll bounce right off his seat.

    I've also spoken to the school principal about a standing desk with balance board under it. He is very fidgety and has a lot of attention problems so we are trying everything to see what can work for him in the classroom.

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    Does anybody have some links where I can order these toys? Ds1 twirls his hair when he tired or bored (watching tv) and he's given himself a little bald patch, these fidget toys may help!

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    I would def be interested. If you want to PM me I can tell you about a facebook groups for sensory stuff /ASD/adhd which might be useful for you. A lot of parents have success with them and I really want to get a fidget cube for my son.


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