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    Default please please help- 1 neg 2 faint positives pink bleeding and then odd period? HELP?!

    okay, so, my period was due sunday and id been having light cramps since thursday, prior to sunday i had had, extreme hunger (very unusual for me as i am on an epileptic medication that stop you feeling hungry as a side affect), proper bad mood swings, teary at little things, sore boobs, tingling nipples, coffee eversion, bad nausea (yet no vomiting), smells were weird, bad gas pains, I really craved meat- i am a vegetarian and have been for 9 years... never once wanted meat, butterfly feeling in tummy and more. I am in no way trying to get pregnant so i didn't even put it all together until sunday when my extremely regular to the time and day period didn't come. took a pregnancy test on sunday and got a neg. Monday still no period, Tuesday late at night i took another test got a very very very faint positive thursday arvo day got a another very very faint positive. Late last night (thursday her in Australia) i bled extremely light pink blood which stopped after an hour. Then about 10am today started bleeding a pink colour that slowly turned to a pinky red then quickly to a dark red, had one 5mm sized clot and I've been bleeding steadily since its now (5:30pm) all accompanied by light to medium crampon and off. The thing is when i start my period i get a really bad cramp and it starts like BAM. never have i spotted before and never have i had pink blood of any kind it is always bright red to brown and then ends in 5 days. I am feeling really woozy, badly nauseous and I'm getting waves of hot flushes. i can't explain it but something doesn't feel right. i don't know if i was actually pregnant since the lines were so faint even though all the time lines work out perfectly... i don't know whether this is a miscarriage... or if I'm just one of those people that experience a period during pregnancy... i don't know how to explain it but i have felt different for 2 weeks and even before i put 2 and 2 together when my period didn't show i had felt weirdly protective of myself (for someone who suffers with Body dimorphic disorder and depression i don't really feel anything for myself protection wise) i don't know please help me.
    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows of people that have and what it turned out being? Thanks in advance
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    As someone who has had a miscarriage and who has been trying to conceive for years i have had every symptom under the sun BUT when i got diagnosed with PCOS i had similar synptoms. Late period, emotional, pink dc etc and it was all hormonal not pregnancy. I guess the moral of the story is none of us can tell you if your pregnant or not, only a Dr and positive testing can give you conclusive answers.


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