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    Default Newborn sleep help!

    Hi All
    Just wondering on some tips to successfully get my 9 week old settled and asleep in her basinet??
    She will fall asleep in my arms (of course) I can lay her down in her basinet only for her to wake up screaming not crying but screaming after 15 min.
    I swaddle her and use a white noise app, she won't take a dummy have tried 6 different types and brands, I also heat up the basinet before putting her in with my wheat pack
    I have done the drowsy but awake for both night and day naps it doesn't work yet I assume she's not ready and still to little.
    Like others here after 2 hours trying to settle her in the middle of the night just for sanity i give up and I have resorted to co sleeping just to get some sleep but I know it's totally not safe and I'm creating another problem to deal with later on!
    Main question being any tips or tricks you used with your babe in these early days that helped settle and keep them asleep?

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    Hi Kristyj, the same happened with my dd. The only way for her to sleep was to have the bassinet warm and place a piece of clothing worn by both me and my husband inside as well as swaddled and she slept 3hours. That night was my first hot dinner in 6 weeks.

    Good luck. The first 12 weeks are the hardest but she will adjust. Enjoy the cuddles. My ds is 17 weeks and still comes into our bed every now and then.

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