Hi all,

Yesterday I had a scan (both internal and external) at what should be 8 weeks gestation for my IVF pregnancy. All previous scans (5+3, 6+3 and 7w) showed an empty gestational sac but this time we were able to see all the markers you would hope to see - yolk sac, fetal pole, baby and a HB of 155bpm!

I have a tilted uterus and was told that previous scans probably showed nothing due to that fact. The one concern I do have is that my gestational sac is an irregular shape. It is not collapsing or deteriorating in any way, but they said it is a bit elongated. When I looked at it on the screen it sort of looked like a bow tie - two bigger circles joined by a smaller bridge. The bubba is in one of the big circles.

I have not spoken to my FS yet (they will call on Monday) but I stupidly googled it and all I saw was bad news stories. Can anyone reassure me that this can still go on to be a viable pregnancy?

Bub is measuring at 7w5d but I was told not to be concerned about measurements being 2 days behind as my uterus was making it difficult to get an accurate measurement. My uterus was otherwise noted as 'unremarkable' and my cervix is closed. Aside from a small bleed at 4 weeks nothing interesting has happened. HCG is looking great, and they intend to re-scan in a week just to keep an eye on things.....

Any positive comments most welcome!