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    Default Expressing and PT work

    Hi all. DD is 8 months old and having 4BF+ 3 solids a day. I have recently returned to work 3 days a week, with the intention of expressing twice a day (to cover the two feeds I miss because I'm at work.
    Things being what they are at work, I often find it difficult to pump twice a day. I can always get one session in but two is hard. I sometimes pump at night to make up for the missed session. When my stash is running low, DD has a bottle of formula.
    On the days when I'm not at work, I BF DD as I find it very convenient.
    As much as I'd like to keep DD on EBM when I'm at work, keeping up with the pumping schedule is too hard. I hate expressing, and the area supplied by my workplace is another departments meeting room. Yesterday I couldn't use the room as they were having a conference call!
    I would like to drop to one pumping session a day at work, or ditch it all together. Only I don't want it to affect supply for the remainder of the week when I BF DD. Has anyone got experience with something similar? Was your supply affected because you regularly skipped a feeding (pumping session), but went back up to full feeding the rest of the time?

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    My supply can be temperamental but for the most part it's been ok with 1-2 pumps on workdays and feeding when with bub. DS is now 14mths and managed to get by with ebm, solids and water and I rtw 5days/fortnight at age 9ish mths

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    I went back to work 1 day a week when DD was 7 months and increased to 2 a couple months later. I never noticed a drop in supply. I expressed twice daily on work days for the first 6 weeks or so, then dropped it down to once daily after that. I still fed on demand when at home.
    By that time though DD would only have 1 bottle at daycare - she hated bottles, so as she was drinking water from a cup & eating solids I didn't stress too much. My 1 expressing session at work was enough to supply her 1 bottle for her next daycare day. I stopped expressing at work when she turned 1, but continued to BF am/pm for a few more months.
    I've got friends who struggled to express, so sent formula to daycare but BF on demand when home. Didn't seem to be a problem.
    Are your work days consecutive? If you do 3 days in a row without expressing you might struggle with supply, if not, you could be ok.

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