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    Hi @QuAA, i was put on metformin along with my entire Fertility drugs due to pcos. Feel pregnant my FS who is also an obs, took me off at 6 weeks. My current obs who is amazing agreed. My gp agreed it was best to be off. HOWEVER. i also dont fit the normal pcos mould, every dr I have seen always questions it BUT its definitely there. I am now happy healthy 24 weeks pregnant due to have my GD test in the next week or so so i guess we will see. Best of luck in your decision..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ollyjay View Post
    Hi sweets,
    My doctor has kept me on it but my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and am currently 5 weeks pregnant but have started bleeding today. I'm waiting for blood test results in the morning.
    I thought conceiving would be the issue for me with pcos but it appears that continuing the pregnancy is the problem.
    Please try not to worry and I really hope you have a smooth and beautiful pregnancy x
    Thank you. I'm so sorry to hear about your first loss. I hope everything is ok after the blood test xx


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