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    Default Any mums to 3+ kids working / studying?

    How do you do it?? I've upped ms2's daycare to 2 days a week so I can catch up on housework and study. Working around school runs equals about 10 hours a week but also has to include shopping and any dr/ dentist apts etc. I'm managing 1-2 hours of study a week! I'm just doing a self paced mooc ATM but if I want to do proper study next year I'd be looking at 10-20 hours a week. I find with 3 kids our weekends are full of their activities/ parties etc. weekdays ms2 isn't in bed until 8.30 and older kids it's 9. I imagine I could maybe get an hour in at night.
    I notice on daycare days there's much less housework to do as kids out most of day so I guess if I worked 3 days might be less mess to sort out? But when do you do washing? Shopping? Cooking? We have 1 home day a week but otherwise I try and get out with ms2 to kindygym / playgrounds etc. she's not good at amusing herself so even if we stayed home so i could do housework she'd end up watching tv all day. I should see those daycare days like a work day and only study but housework gets so behind I can't stand the chaos.

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    hi freyamum, I would be trying to get an earlier bedtime for all the children. Through primary school my children had a 7.30 bedtime. It was later in high school because they had to be doing schoolwork/homework. I would also not bother with the other extra activities, kindagym and outings to playgrounds. ABC for kids is a fantastic babysitter, one or two hours a day would not do any harm, in my opinion. Also I would give myself a timetable, actually divide your day into blocks. Two hours study time, two hours housework, two hours laundry, two hours cooking. whatever suits you. then just spend that time on that chore. If the chore is going to take longer, then you have to come back to it when that chore is next listed. Also put some time for you in the list. I think you will feel more in control. You can tackle what you can manage, but not over stress yourself. good luck, marie.

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    Hi freyamum i have 3 kids and work full time. I found when i was home on mat leave housework had the ability to consume so much of my day, simply because i was there. My suggestion to you is to be disciplined with time. Pretend you are going to work so you get all tasks done before drop off. Then, be disciplined in making those 2 days study only, 6 hrs or whatever you can. No food shopping, no washing etc. If you cant do that, go to a library for the whole 2 days so you can maximize study time. You need to designate that for study time. I do household tasks on weekends when dh can mind the kids. Eg food shopping 7am Saturday. Time discipline might be the key! Just an idea. All the best with your study!


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