So we've been trying for #1 bubba for a while now.

I was put in clomid unmonitored 50mg cd2-6

+opk 31/10 resulting in ovulation 01/11 I ovulate on my own but cannot seem to get pregnant. Partners swimmers are fine I had horrendous ovulation pains which the doctor said I would. He also said I would probably ovulate earlier than normal.

My cycles are 34-35 days

I know too early for symptoms but here they are lol also 1st month bbt

Ovulation day:- bbt 98.29 sore nipples, lower back pain, right pelvic pain, cramps, fatigue watery cm

1dpo:- bbt 97.34, sore nipples vaginal discharge, right pelvic pain, insomnia
creamy cm

2po:- bbt 98.31, sore nipples, no appetite
Creamy cm Cervix feels high

3dpo:- bbt 98.99, sore nipples, fatigue
Creamy cm Cervix feels high

4spo:- bbt 98.06, sore nipples

5dpo:- bbt 97.86, sore nipples, feel like my muscles are pulling in the side of my breasts
Creamy cm Cervix feels high

6dpo:- bbt 97.97, sore nipples, cramps through day I feel like I'm about to see Aunt Flo, nauseous
Creamy/watery cm constantly feel wet. Cervix feels high

7dpo:- 97.99, sore nipples, cramps, vaginal discharge, creamy cm. Cervix high, fatigue, very moody feel irritated by my partner, no appetite + sex drive. Very thirsty couldn't quench my first last night.

8dpo:- bbt 97.74 ( temp drop ) feel a bit worried about this. Felt like Aunt Flo maybe on her way again but the cramps aren't as often as they were yesterday. I'm not due on until another 8 days.
Boobs look fuller and now hurt when I walked down the stairs, feel very gassy nipples are noticeably more sore . Cervix is high up and very wet.

I'd love to here yours ? I'm praying it'll be our month but trying not to get my hopes up.