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    Default Low Amniotic Fluid Levels of 6

    Hi all,
    I am 33 weeks pregnant and It has been 3 miscarriages to get to this point. Ive had a good pregnancy to date and just last Friday as i thought maybe just maybe I could start to believe this pregnancy was going to be okay I was found to have amniotic fluid levels of 6. I know this is really low and at one point she got 5.5. I feel so mentally dranied and worried after numerous tests and on the whole the baby is healthy but I feel it is going to change suddenly with such low fluid levels. I was in hospital last night again and I spoke to the doctor who told me I will be monitored closely and the elvels are low but we need to take it one stage at a time. I have to go in twice a week, once for the monitoring of the heartbeat and contractions and an ultra sound to check fluid levels every week. Ive been told to monitor the baby movment closely and im terrified Im going to wake up in the morning and the baby will be dead. I feel like im breaking down and my partner does not understand the dangers involved and never seems to understand how Im feeling. I dont know how to get through the following weeks and cope with such worries and concerns. I wake up crying and my emotions are very hard to control. There are so many awful stories on the internet and I just feel Im loosing my child. Please help if you have any advice or have gone through a simliar problem.

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    You poor thing. Please know that while 33 weeks is early, it is a good gestation and you will be in the best hands being monitored.

    Try your hardest not to stress yourself out (easier said than done) but stress isn't good for you nor the baby. I'm sorry your partner is as understanding.

    My advice would be to take one day at a time. Find a time when your baby is active, and everyday at that time do your kick count.
    Also, up your water intake. Make sure you're drinking water all day, everyday. Fluid levels can change each and every day as baby drinks the fluid and then pees it out.
    Lay on your left side when you can.

    Also, in the case that they may deliver early (if they suggest this) push for steroid injections to help bubs lungs.

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    How are you going now @geogeo? I just saw your post. I had a similar problem at 32 weeks gestation after my FIL died. I made sure i drank lots of water/fluids and removed as many stressors as I could. The result was increased fluid 😊. However at 39 weeks it was low again and bub hadn't shown enough growth so I was induced. Baby was fine, just a little on the small side (2.9kg). Incidentally, same thing happened with my 2nd except without the stress factor. I was again induced and had a healthy 3.6kg baby.
    I hope you're doing well


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