Hi all,
I'm new to Bub Hub and I'm hoping I'm posting this in the right section.
I'm chasing everyone's thoughts/knowledge on my situation.
My partner and I are currently ttc (it will be pregnancy no 5).
I went off the pill 2 weeks ago and thought I was ovulating 2 days ago (judging by discharge) but today have had very light spotting.
I have read that spotting can be normal after going off the pill (the body releasing extra hormones) but I was really hoping to have conceived already.
(Before anyone mentions the very short time I have been trying, with previous pregnancies I managed to conceive this quickly so was hoping it would be the same this time)
Is it possible that I could have conceived already and still have this light spotting or would this spotting be a sign that I haven't just yet?
I really appreciate any help offered and am looking forward to becoming better acquainted with the Bub Hub!