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    Default Oops! Morning after pill

    Hi Ladies,
    Hubby and I already have 3 kids and that is more than enough for us so the other day we had a bit of a 'woopsie' and I knew I had to get the morning after pill, not only did he not pull out which he normally does but I am about 98% sure I either ovulated the day before or I was ovulating right then, o cramps and heaps of ewcm were all present at the time.

    I took the MAP within 12hrs but the pharmacist stressed that while the MAP is great at stopping you from ovulating there is no evidence to suggest that it does anything after ovulation. So naturally I get home and start researching and yep sure enough there is no scientific evidence that the MAP can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting, all that is said is that it 'may' stop implantation but there is no proof it actually does, I am only 3dpo and its now all i can think about.

    My questions are, who has taken the MAP? Where in your cycle were you? and did it work?


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    I had to get a copper iud fitted as I was told that because I was mid cycle it was too risky to rely on MAP. Not sure if this would be an option for you. It doesn't need to stay in long term if you don't want it to. This was over 10 years ago so not sure if it's still regarded as a suitable option

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