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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Miss Sunshine View Post
    To be truthful one motivating factor to work was my mother didn't.

    Money was very tight, we really struggled financially and I just saw her watch a lot of tv and do her craft. She certainly didn't spend much time with us kids or cleaning the house- it was always a pigsty. I became increasingly resentful the older I got, as I saw my dad work his *** off for us and she didn't, and she was always whinging about money.

    Not saying AT ALL all SAHM are lazy- but my mother was. It's important for me to be the polar opposite of my mum- loving, hands on, contributing to the household and a positive role model. Not just spending all day every day in my trackies on the lounge watching the midday show.
    My mum was sahm. I don't remember her ever watching tv or barely ever doing anything for herself. I used to say no way would I be the same cus it seemed so dull being home cooking and looking after the house. And yet once I had my first baby I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her. In London my job wouldn't have covered her daycare and then we moved here and I couldn't find anything in my slightly specialised field. If I could do my old job now a couple of days a week I would love it. I think having something outside of the home that's just mine would be the main motivator. And using my brain!!! I'm motivated enough to be thinking and planning to study when ms2 is at school but zero motivation to apply for a low skilled job that probably wouldn't even cover daycare / oosh.

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    Default What motivates you... to work?

    Much of what has already been written- absolutely loving my job, financial independence, sense of worth outside of the home, role modelling to my children that my life isn't just about them, adult interaction, money and a sense of community purpose. And I would add to that- wearing pretty dresses and heels instead of yoga pants every day


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