My son vomited after his first exposure to peanut butter the other week. It was a very small vomit and quite a while after the exposure (20 mins), so while I thought it was probably coincidence, our GP wanted us to double check with an allergist.

He had a SPT done and he had a 1mm wheal for peanut and egg white, and a 2mm wheal for egg yolk. On his results it was recorded as 'nil reaction' as the wheals were less than 3mm. The allergist sent us home with instructions for a home challenge and an action plan for the challenges.

My question is, what would cause a 1mm or 2mm wheal if not allergy? I'm really freaking out about this result. My husband doesn't think I should be worried, but I am. Does it mean he's on his way to becoming allergic?

Thanks in advance 😀