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    Default TTCers waiting for AF to return after BC support

    Hey all! Hoping there isn't already one of these (couldn't find one?) but I thought I'd start a support chat for those like me who have recently stopped birth control and are patiently (or impatiently!) waiting for AF to return so we can really start TTC

    So what's your story? What are you doing, if anything, to bring Aunt Flo out of hiding? How long have you been waiting?

    I was on the pill for 9 years, stopped taking it, had a withdrawal bleed and have been twiddling my thumbs ever since. Currently at CD58 so it hasn't been too long, but I have never wanted my period to arrive this badly! I've starting temping for the past week and in addition to I-folic I've started taking zinc, magnesium and B6 as I've heard they can help jog your body into gear.

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    I am currently waiting (im)patiently for af to return too to ttc #4!
    I came off Implanon 1st Sept while af was around (28th aug - 3rd Sept) so currently cd59.
    However, because it was while I was using bc my gp said today that he doesn't want to count it as an actual cycle per say but I had to put something in for my tracking app seeing as my last proper cycle was Oct 2013 after coming off bc then skipped Nov 2013 & conceived DS2 in Dec 2013. In Oct 2014 I had the Implanon placed at my 6 week check....so could be quite a while before af actually returns apparently..... & I've had af threaten to turn up 3 times but never actually turned into anything.
    Anyway, the gp wants me to start temping & prenatals as of tomorrow & go back in 2 weeks for bloods & next steps if af hasn't shown & no bfp.
    I'm not using anything to bring on af currently.

    Gl to you & hope af turns up soon.


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