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    Default So anxious about working. How did you cope? *long post*

    I really just need to get all my thoughts out there - it's driving me crazy, so anyway..

    My partner and myself made an agreement that I'd stay home with our daughter for a year, after that I'd need to get a job.

    Well, it's been nearly 5 months now since my daughter turned 1. I've been looking but have been unsuccessful, partner mentioned about wanting another baby so it was almost decided that I just keep staying home. He can't seem to make up his mind though.

    But with what's been happening lately with Centrelink, I'm getting real sick of it and just thinking baby #2 isn't in the cards yet.. Also thinking I should just get a job.

    Never in my life would I take what isn't mine, let alone fraud the government.
    Yet I owe Centrelink 6 grand because apparently I was not entitled to Parenting Payment Partnered when I received it.
    My partner started work, we told them as soon as it happened, I was told I had to report fortnightly so when the time came we reported our earnings - I wasn't working so obviously didn't earn anything... then I got a letter to say I no longer needed to report, a month later I got a letter to say I needed to report again, I then got another letter later to say I no longer needed to report once again, and that was that. I no longer needed to report. A couple of months later I got a phone call from Centrelink, they asked me if my partner was working, how much he was earning, etc. I was honest and they told me I'm not entitled to PPP so I owe them 6 grand.
    We both knew PPP was income based but had no idea they had changed how much he could earn for me to be eligible for it. We sussed it out after all this happened and well yeah.. realised they had changed it. They're back dating it to February which is why I owe them the 6 grand.. when we had a look at when PP changed online the date had said July, not sure if that's even relevant but just putting it out there anyway.

    I never intended for any of this to happen, it's stressing me out quite a lot!

    So all that happened and just yesterday I got a letter sent out from them wanting a previous rent certificate.. to make sure they made the right decision about my Family Tax Benefit.
    Which makes me worried that I'm gonna lose that payment too!

    Ugh, all this makes me want to get a job so I don't have to deal with Centrelink payments. But in saying that, I'm scared of just leaving my daughter. I don't want to leave her with people I don't know. I don't really want to leave her full stop. I'm too anxious and I don't trust people. I don't want anything happening to her.

    From what I can gather, my mum doesn't work anymore but I'm not sure I can trust her to look after my daughter. She has dogs that aren't trained what so ever and one of them is getting pretty old too, so I'd be worried the older dog might snap.. he's fairly big too!
    Another possible option would be my partners mum who doesn't work but I get the feeling she doesn't want to look after our daughter. The few times we've had her babysit, she complains about all the negative things our daughter does and proceeds to call her a cow, *****, etc because she's in a grumpy mood from teething or growth spurt or whatever else. If MIL was willing to have her then I'd definitely get over how mean she can be towards our daughter but I just get the feeling she doesn't.. which is pretty sad considering our daughter isn't even that bad, we've been pretty lucky with her!

    If you've made it this far, thank you!
    Also, please don't be harsh if I am in the wrong. I did everything I thought was right..

    How have others coped when needed to go back to work?
    Any other tips or advice... or anything?

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    Default So anxious about working. How did you cope? *long post*

    Have you considered day care? I would do a lot of research into daycares in your area. The good ones exceed national expectations on accreditation, have low staff turnover and very happy kids. I like that there are a big team of staff in a safe and accredited environment. Good luck
    I shared your anxiety but have a lot of confidence in the day care that I chose and still ring once or twice a day to check on how DD is going

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    Default So anxious about working. How did you cope? *long post*

    Look at daycare centres or family daycare, go and visit and see how you like it. I wouldn't leave her with either your Mum or MIL by what you've said. We have a fantastic daycare centre that my eldest has been at since she was 1 (with a break when we moved out of the area) and she now nearly 5 and starting prep next year. It's expensive but we love it and my youngest has been there since she was 1 and she is now nearly 2. It costs us $500 per week for 2, so make that a consideration when thinking of a second child if you can't survive on your partners wage alone and are required to work. Full time daycare for 1 child for us is $250 per week, so doable on an average wage (when we had 1 I only earnt $45k and it was still leaving us $400 in front each week after paying daycare). As for how you cope, start off with a few days while you are looking for work - you then have a day or two free for interviews and can really get a feel for the centre/carers. My kids love their daycare centre, I really value what they do and appreciate the learning opportunities they create for my kids. I've not had an issue yet. If you need the income, think of the positives that come along with working - less financial stress, career growth, something for you. I have days where I wish I was still at home but those moments are fleeting and I try not to think of the negatives as it serves no purpose. You will be okay and so will DD :-)

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    With regards to parenting payment partnered - the cut offs haven't changed. You are looking at around $800 p/f before tax before they start taking PPP, then at around $1700 you get nothing. If you were reporting every fortnight and getting a payment, then owe 6k in 8 months then you have gone from pretty much a full payment to not being entitled to any. That tells me your husband's earnings have increased quite a bit? You are meant to report any changes in income.

    As to whether to get a job, I wouldn't do it just to avoid dealing with CL. Given you aren't entitled to PPP you really don't need to deal with them much for FTB anyway. If you don't feel comfortable having your child in childcare, could you work a couple of evenings a week doing night fill or working in hospitality? That way your DH could care for her, you could bring some $$ into the house and still keep most of your FTB.

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    You can appeal that debt with Centelink. If they told you that you no longer needed to report but hadn't updated your record to take into account your partner's income then the debt has been caused in part by their error.


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