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    Default IVF advice Needed Please !

    Hi all ! I am new to this forum, but I thought it might be a good place to start as DH & I are battling infertility and looking to start IVF next year. I have some questions that I hope some of you lovely ladies may be able to help answer.

    We have undergone all of our initial testing with a specialist linked to Monash IVF who was nothing short of awful. Zero bedside manner or care, we just felt like a number to him. He told us we were infertile like he was giving us tomorrow's weather then said 'so we can start IVF right now'.

    I saw another specialist from City Fertility who was LOVELY and I really liked him, however, the last few weeks I have begun to realise that St Kilda Road may actually be an added stress that I don't need. I work way out in the South Eastern Suburbs (past Berwick) and we live near Monash Clayton (makes sense logistically to go to Monash IVF). I was wondering do you go to the hospital or to the specialists rooms more? This will help us make our decision on location of specialist, as well as that person being a good fit. I have a corporate job that is quite demanding and I can't just call in sick, so I need to try and minimise the time away from work and be a bit more strategic about scheduling big work meetings etc. It may be beneficial to duck out for lunch time appointments or first thing or leave work 30 min early.

    Does anyone have any experiences with Nicole Hope or Peter Long? Or with the new fertility centre that's opened up in Dandenong? I am so overwhelmed at the moment!

    Thank you!

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    Sorry to hear that you have to go down this path. I can't answer all your questions but based on my experience with Monash IVF, I definitely go to Monash much more than my specialist. I was going to a fs based inside Monash Clayton but have now switched to a fs at Monash Richmond but have still been able to do all my blood tests and scans at Clayton because it is closer to home. Most of these appointments can be scheduled for early in the morning (from 7am I think) so can be done before work. Wishing you all the best with your decision.

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    Hi BLW welcome to BH even though I'm sorry you're here for the reasons that you are. I can't offer any advise about your specific location as I'm interstate but I can tell you that the majority of your appointments will be first thing in the morning. There's lots of scans and blood tests (every other day sometimes) and you'll often not be told if you're going in or not until a phone call that afternoon for the next morning. It's quite messy. But there's always a line up of women waiting at the door for the clinic to open then you go to work from there. Depending on the time your specific clinic opens you should usually get it in before work, or if you can organise starting 30 mins later and staying back for that month, or something like that.

    Best of luckxx


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