My DD is 12 months old and has always been a terrible day sleeper. I've been ok with it to date because, after a really awful period of time and some hard work, she sleeps through from 6.30-5.30 every night and I figure for the most part, that's a good trade off!

During the day, she rarely sleeps for longer than 40 minutes at a time. Occasionally she'll string 2 sleep cycles together, but not often. I either feed her to sleep (and then more often than not get trapped under her) or she'll sleep in the car - I often time our trips out so I can coincide the car trip with a nap. If I just put her in the cot, she will just cry and cry and cry until I come back, she won't sleep, even if I can see that she's really tired. She currently has 2 naps per day, occasionally only 1 but normally 2.

I don't want to keep on feeding her to sleep during the day because I want to start weaning her, and I don't want to drive her around for every sleep either! I suspect I'll just have to leave her in her cot to fall asleep, however long it takes and she'll get the hang of it, like she did at night. But if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thanks