About me

I grew up in the UK, and first visited Australia on a working holiday visa 20 years ago. I fell in love with Australia instantly, and by the time I arrived in Sydney, I was besotted! Sadly, my visa ran out after a year, so I returned home and worked in London for a few years. I came back to Sydney for the Millennium and the Olympics, before finally emigrating here in 2006 and becoming an Australian citizen in 2008. Now, I run a personal concierge company, helping busy mums to tick off their to-do lists, so that they can spend more time with their families. Working with mums so closely only drives my dream of becoming a mum myself.

I just turned 43 this week, and feel I have a lot to offer our unborn child. My parents and siblings still live in the UK, but we Skype on a regular basis and I don’t let it go more than 2 years without seeing them. In fact, our profile photo was taken at Lords, on our trip there 3 months ago. I have the feeling that once we give my parents grandchildren, we will see each other a lot more often!

About Chris
Chris is almost 45 and he works as an Insurance Assessor in a small family business. Working side by side each day only strengthens the close relationship he has with his family. Chris has 2 older sisters whom he is also extremely close to. They speak almost every day and he spends lots of time with his nieces and nephews. This has further increased his desire to start a family of his own. Chris has many attributes that I love, including his kindness, generosity, honesty, reliability and ability to make me laugh every day; even in the face of adversity. He would make the best Dad!

How we met
Sadly, we I did not meet until about 3 years ago when I was almost 40 and he was almost 42. We met on an online dating site and clicked instantly. We moved into together 2 years ago and moved to a larger place last Christmas, with a spare room (which we hope will become a nursery one day soon). We live in Sydney, but are willing to travel to meet a donor.

Our fertility journey together so far
We wanted some time to get to know each other first, but we soon realised that this was it. We started trying to have a baby about 18 months ago, and I was amazed when I fell pregnant within just 3 months. Sadly it was not to be as I had a miscarriage at about 7 weeks. We started trying again soon after and again it took just 3 months again; but once more I miscarried at about 7 weeks. At that stage, we sought professional help and were advised to try naturally for 3 more months as I had got pregnant quickly the first 2 times and there was nothing 'technically wrong' (except perhaps testing positive for MTHFR - the jury seems out on this). It did not work this time, so in August this year, we went to an IVF clinic, did more tests and did our first cycle a few weeks ago. We were delighted when they called to tell us Congratulations last week! However, then I found out that the bhcg was low, so I asked for a re-test and unfortunately it had gone down. 2 days later, I got my period, and so here we are.

The current situation
Given our age, the low probability of IVF working with my own eggs and the emotional rollercoaster of going through another miscarriage, we feel that donor eggs are our final chance of starting a happy family together. I came to terms with the idea of donor eggs a long time ago and our fertility specialist confirmed yesterday that it is pretty much our only hope. We are excited to be here, and are hoping to find an angel who will help us achieve our dream of becoming loving parents. In the meantime, we are enjoying living life to the full. We love camping, snorkelling, dining out and going to the theatre.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Lots of love and many thanks in advance,

Layla and Chris xx