Im curious to hear others stories regarding thyroid. I don't know anyone with it.
I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, again. It was around 2010 when i first was and was put on carbimazole but was really bad taking it. I never ended up going back to the doctors after i ran out of tablets and maybe around 2014, they retested it at the local GP and my thyroid was normal! It seemed to fix itself. I had no problems during those four years.

In July 2015 they tested it again as it had been a year and it was fine. They tested it in July this year and told me it was overactive again, so not sure when it came back. Earlier in the year (around April/May) i was probably more stressed at work, eating badly and not exercising (still not eating the best or exercising much).

My levels in July this year were:
TSH - <0.01 (range 0.5-5.0)
Free T4 - 44.0 (range 11.0-21.0)
Free T3 - 15.7 (range 3.1-6.0)

They retested 6 weeks later and the T4 reduced to 33.6 and T3 to 7.7. So they upped the medication to 3 tablets (5mg per tablet) and tested 3 weeks later and the T4 came in at 21.9 and T3 at 5.3. The TSH remained the same.

I saw an endocrinologist whose main recommendation was to have the radioactive iodine treatment - and then be on a tablet for the rest of my life or surgery. I've googled and it all seems to say that in extreme cases that is used.

I thought it was odd to recommend this because i have zero symptoms! I didn't have any the first time around either. At all the appointments they go through a long list of symptoms and i don't have any. I didn't even loose weight, its just stayed the same. I have another appt/blood test in a few weeks where they want me to decide what to do.

Any advice or own stories would be great to hear. We want to start a family as soon as possible but want to be healthy and not put a baby at risk.