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    Playpen for the older child to play peacefully and let that baby run riot. Or put the baby in the play pen and let the older kid run riot.

    TBH I've not had this problem much. Dd1 is 6, dd2 is 4 and dd3 is 1yo and they are all playing 'school' ATM together. Dd3 occ will get annoyed and shriek or just wanders off.

    If the big girls want to play with lego they go into another room as it's a choking hazard and dd3 potters in the playroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witherwings View Post
    I found the 2yr gap was really hard in the early days but now they are bigger and can talk to each other, they are absolutely the best of friends. They adore each other and keep each other entertained. They still fight sometimes but mostly it's lots of cuddles kisses and playing beautifully! It all just takes some time

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    I totally agree with all of this as well!!

    OP I remember how hard it was and thinking how a 2 year age gap was so difficult and time consuming. And to start with - and it is! They have different needs, different schedules. Do what you can to get by. I found I let my younger one do things earlier than I did with my first. Things like gluing and cutting, DD wanted to do and and DS of course wanted to join in so I had to let him but with constant supervision. Which means you don't get any of the chores done and that it itself can be stressful with things piling up around you. But you don't have much of a choice really.

    Just know things will get better and the 2 year age gap works really well!
    Also the warmer weather is coming and I think its easier to entertain them both outside.

    Oh another thing I did later in the day when I needed to get dinner ready or chores done was to let them do something fun/messy 1 room together - pulling cushions off the couch and jumping over them or playing in the cot and piling all their soft toys in there. Yes it made a mess, but I got dinner cooked then afterwards when DH was home I could clean it up while he took care of the kids.

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