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    Default Your stories of coincidence or signs

    To follow on from the scary story thread I want to start a ' coincidence or a sign thread' . Something to uplift us I suppose . I always have many coincidences in my life , I keep a vision board and a book I write all my hopes and dreams in . Sometimes things happen that I'm not planning and that's what I'm talking about . For example , yesterday evening I was looking through an old book I had been writing in years ago . A very small passport sized photo of my grandma fell out . I looked at it and felt sad as I always do , then guilty because she is 89 and lives overseas . Then instantly I had this picture in my mind of a beautiful dragon fly . I particularly saw the beautiful wings.

    This morning I opened my wooden blinds and there was a beautiful dragon fly.

    Tell me yours xx
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    Oh that's a lovely story! I have lots of these moments too. Just last week my DH and I were in the car together and we passed an old Toyota Corolla, circa the 80s. It made me think of an old friend of mine who used to drive one, but died when I was a teenager. At that moment, the song that was played at his funeral came on the radio. I haven't heard the song in years ... maybe even a decade.

    I've had a lot of big changes in my life lately. The romantic in me thinks maybe my friend was around that day for support.

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    My father passed away years ago suddenly. It's not often I get twinges of deep sadness about his passing anymore but one day I did and I was sitting at home alone thinking of him.

    Our Tv used to have a fault where it sometimes turned on/off by itself in stand by mode. While I was sitting, it switched on to the soccer on SBS. I never watch sbs and we don't watch sport, but it was the only thing my dad watched on Tv. So the Tv came on, I said out loud "you know I don't like watching soccer" and it turned off again.

    There was no reason our tv should have been on that channel so I like to think it was his way of saying he's around and it was a huge comfort to me.

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    Years ago i was stopped at the lights with my partner (i was driving, she was the passenger). The light went green but i didn't go. I just had a weird slow motion/time standing still type feeling. Dp looked at me and was about to ask why i wasn't going? A second later a car came speeding through the intersection which would have connected with the drivers side (me) if i had of gone when i was meant to.

    I like to think it was my friend from uni who previously died in a car accident who gave me a warning but who knows.

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    When we lost our baby last year, I asked a psychic when we would have another baby. She told me she saw pink blossoms and they were a good omen. All the other stuff she said (eg she saw July being significant etc) didn't seem to mean anything and I forgot about the whole thing until recently.

    I had my baby 11 days ago and since her birth my midwife has called her blossom. A couple of days ago I went to a local cafe and the street it was on was just lined with trees covered in pink flowers.

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