Hi everyone,

I have PCOS

I am currently CD 78

On CD 70 i took an opk in the afternoon and evening, both come up with 2 lines both as dark as each other.

I assumed i was having a LH surge before AF came.

On CD 76 I had bloods done and my progesterone came back at 26 nmol/L

Do you think it is possible I may have ovulated this late in my cycle?

I realise it's too early to take a hpt but just wondering?

What is the average progesterone level after ovulation for ladies with a regular cycle?

Last night I noticed my breast were tender and today the continue to be tender...

2 nights ago i had very intense cramping for about 1.5 hours to the point i was bent over in pain crying, tender pelvis in the morning and only slight cramping. We did however BD that night and I read you can have quite severe pains after sex and orgasms? Anyone else had this?

Even if AF does come I am happy that I may have ovulated on my own and if I did it means AF will be here soon and I can start a new cycle

I have been taking FertilAid for about only a week and a half. Thanks ladies

Baby Dust to all