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    Default Hello after some advice :)

    I have been trawling the internet for answers. Just a little back story. My husband and I have 3 children already. We are ttc again but not having much luck. My cycle has been 28 days from start to finish from when I was a teenager. The only time it changed was when I was obviously pregnant with my 3 children.

    We had sex several days over the the weekend of the 24th of September unprotected. From what I gathered my ovulation day would have been around that same window of time. My a/f was due last wed but still hasn't shown up. I have tested numerous times and even had a blood yeast done on Monday and it came back negative. Could anyone think of. Reasons why my a/f still hasn't reared her ugly head? I have kept an eye on my cervix and it is very high and soft like the inside of my cheek soft. My boobs are sore and I'm quite tired. Last weekend I had a fair bit of cramping but that too passed. How long after intercourse is the latest it can implant? Could this be why? Or not likely? This is my first post so hopefully I'm in the right spot. Thanks in advance xp

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    Hi @Stitz27 and welcome! It's so tough when you've conceived children already and more proves to be harder. DH and I have been TTCing for 18 months for #5 and finally now pregnant.
    Usually it takes 7-10 days to implant after ovulation. I would think you would already have a positive by now if you have. Late AF could be for a number of reasons, one could be that you still haven't actually ovulated or didn't until last weekend, stress, the body also has a weird way of playing tricks on us when we want something so bad. Hang in there, hopefully you get that take home bub real soon.


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